Andover Family Craftsmen began in 1976, in Andover, Massachusetts, working out of our home studio we offered specialty restoration and repair services to the immediate community. Within a short time, we opened our first shop named The Country Woodwright's Shop providing conservation, restoration, repair, refinishing and the building of furniture.

The term woodwright is comprehensive, indicating skill in working with wood on all aspects from the tree to the final product. We have implemented the historical ways of woodworking utilizing antique tools and techniques whenever possible. This has given us the knowledge and ability to produce repairs and restorations that do not detract from the intrinsic value and overall demeanor of the piece. Additionally, it has also proven beneficial in the construction and repair of modern cabinetry and furniture by blending current traditional techniques with the time honored skills and abilities.

When in our studio, it is often noted that there is a distinct absence of large power woodworking tools and machinery. Much of our work is performed with hand tools, as in the past, relying on the larger power saws to merely break down the wood to dimension. Our finishes are primarily applied by hand and the various coloring and aging mediums are based on dyes and stains developed in the past producing the correct antique presentation for proper conservation. The finishes again reflect hand application and are consistent with the original period of each piece.

As our customer base increased, many requests were directed toward work on the interior of their homes in conjunction with their furniture repairs and restoration. Following this demand we expanded our services to include "Specialty Home Interiors" offering the same detailed attention providing restoration on kitchen and bath cabinetry, entry and interior doors, fireplace mantels and surrounds, shutters, trim and decorative moldings, crown, chair railing, and wainscoting, bookcases, built-in cabinets, entertainment centers and a host of individually designed items for the home.

Throughout our history, we have maintained a consistent mission statement to provide high quality solutions to a unique and comprehensive array of woodworking and conservation challenges utilizing a resource base of past and present tools, techniques and knowledge.