Insurance Claims

All insurance claim damage assessment requests are given a high priority. These requests can be generated by either the homeowner or claims adjustor for fire, water or transit damage.

Andover Family Craftsmen has provided comprehensive repair, restoration and conservation service to thousands of homeowners, businessess and insurance companies in the New England area. Stretching from Cape Cod and Rhode Island to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. We have maintained timely and cost-effective solutions for a myriad of damages due to accident, transit activities, fire and/or water problems.

Of particular mention, and most notable to homeowner insurance claims, is the ability of Andover Family Craftsmen to effect quality restoration to kitchens and bathroom cabinetry following fire and water damage. A hallmark of our business kitchenRestoration2has been to effect refinishing, repair and/or rebuilding individual damaged cabinetry to match without exception, the existing original undamaged cabinets at a fraction of the costs replacing all of the cabinetry.

It has also been noted, that in our experience, a great deal of kitchen cabinet damage is attributed to burst water pipes, dishwasher supply line leaks, water coming down from the upstairs, and localized range or electrical fires. Owing to the fact that almost every claim is unique in its specifics, most can be resolved by refinishing and repairing the affected built-in casework and refinishing, refurbishing and/or duplicating the cabint doors and drawers to match the original undamaged cabinetry.

Our ability to match the colors of the new or refinished cabinetry exactly to the original undamaged cabinets is one of the unique specialties we offer. Utilizing our own dyes and custom mixed colors,kitchenRestoration3 we can age new wood to the patina of the original cabinets then stain and finish them to give the homeowner restoration with no indication of the damage or repair.

Frequently, with overhead water damage, the wood work is pitted with a fine calcium deposit that etches into the finish. We have achieved great success in treating this with a minor refurbishing of the finish, again at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

It is our goal to provide the best service for the homeowner returning their cabinetry and furniture to their original condition, while minimizing the expenditure for the insurance company. We offer a cost-effective solution to what frequently is an extremely costly situation.

In addition to being cost-effective, all of our work is performed utilizing products that are environmentaly safe, no hazardous or carcinogenic stripping

chemicals with dangerous fumes or residues are used in our services. All on-site work is performed with the minimal disruptions to the homeowner and their individual needs for access to their kitchen and/or baths.

Again, it is our goal to provide a substantial cost saving for the insurance company while maximizing the satisfaction of the homeowner during their period of trauma and loss due to these unforseen events.

Although, the preceeding information has been focused primarily on kitchen and bath restoration, our services are by no means limited to structural cabinetry. We perform a multitude of conservation, restoration, refinishing and repair on all levels of furniture and objects of art. Again, fire, water and general damage of breakage receive the same uncompromising attention as above. On-site work often can suplant the need for removing items to our studio and is approached with the same consideration for the surrounding environment, whether it is a personal home or business office or corporate boardroom.burnedChairs5